Outdoor Lighting

Make Your Landscape An Asset During the Day And At Night!

Area landscape lighting can be a very dramatic way to provide natural looking ambient light.

Walkway Lights, Paver Lights and Retaining Wall Lights accent the unique landscape and architectural features of your home and yard.  You can customize the appearance of your home to reflect your style.

Landscape lighting is designed to blend in seamlessly, providing beauty and safety for your walkway, steps, patio, and driveway.

Types of Landscape Lighting

Solar Landscape Lights

  • Powered by solar cells that take its energy from the sun
  • Inexpensive but the intensity that they shine at depends on their solar batteries
  • Designed to automatically switch itself on and off at night. As a result, energy is conserved.
  • Does not need a power outlet
  • Some solar-powered lights available using LED light bulbs

LED Landscape Lights

  • Uses very little energy and provides pure light
  • Has long life
  • Can give varying levels of brightness depending on the landscape area. Low-light bulbs are used to illuminate footpaths and sidewalks while the brighter lights are outside the home.
  • Effective for providing light for long paths, pools or stairs
  • Mounted LED fixtures that are strategically positioned can illuminate specific area
  • Colored lights can be used

Importance of Landscape Lighting


Eliminate safety hazards by lighting steps and walkways with step and path lights.  Low voltage lighting can be placed along driveways, walkways, steps, retaining walls, fences, and trees as an ideal choice for illuminating.


Strategically placed outdoor landscape lighting provide safety and security of your property.  It has been proven that outdoor landscape lighting creates an important deterrent to intruders.


An artistically designed landscape lighting system adds beauty and distinction to any home’s appearance.  Low voltage lighting accentuates the shapes and textures of a landscape and its structures and adds ambient effect to trees, shrubs and flowers.  Landscape lighting will create visual highlights and texture and can make the home look more elegant in the evening time.


Low voltage landscape lighting consumes less power than line voltage lighting. Solar lighting or LED lighting with timers, consume about 1/3 of the electricity compared to high voltage systems and is less expensive to install.

Expansion of Living Space

Landscape lighting will extend the usable hours of your property.  With more attention and time being spent outside, outdoor lighting for the back and side yards is key in outdoor living spaces. A garden with low-voltage landscape lighting can bring a whole new setting to the home and provide the perfect spot for outdoor entertaining.

Fireplaces, BBQs, Firepits, sinks, and outdoor pizza ovens have become commonplace in residential landscapes. Homeowners can enjoy more hours outside in the comfort of their own homes while creating an elegant atmosphere for entertaining.

Also keep in mind…

Part of landscape lighting design is how it is viewed from inside the house. With the proper placement of landscape lighting fixtures, the landscape becomes part of the interior visual environment.